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Captivate your students

Our photo-sharing app belongs in your classroom


We prioritize safety & privacy for students

Owned by you

Any photos you take or upload will always be the school’s property


Build student connection with every day photo-sharing

Easy to use

Plus we’ve got FAQs & tutorials if you get stuck

Make teaching collaborative

We learn better together

We all know the saying “A picture’s worth 1000 words”, so just think how much we can learn from our photos. Lessons that we should be sharing with each other. Well, My Party Album is doing just that. We’re the first photo sharing app to bring a visual based approach to the classroom, so we’re learning more, together.

Get outside the classroom

Give your students more to explore

Our app was designed to facilitate deeper learning. My Party Album is the perfect companion to your school’s next field trip or homework assignment.

With My Party Album...

Easily turn your photos into printed photos or yearbooks

See another side to your students; empower them to share more with you.

Use a tool that will work for students of any age or grade

How it works

It’s as easy as...

  1. Register your school & pay an annual fee for access to our app.
  2. Create “Classroom mixers” for each teacher at your school.
  3. Each Teacher can add students to their Classroom Mixer
  4. Students share photos privately throughout the year with their class!

School should be fun

Well-built tech not only enhances classroom learning, it provides newfound interest for students in what they are doing. Let’s revitalize the experience for our students!

Join the Party!