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In 2004 Co-Founders Grant and Laura got married in Las Vegas. While they were getting ready for the big day, their guests were out enjoying all that Sin City had to offer. Between sight-seeing, going to shows, dining out, and the wedding, their friends and family took hundreds of photos. Grant and Laura saw some of them when they got home and were given a couple of prints, but the memories stayed by and large with the attendees and not the couple. Fast forward years later, while looking at an old disposable camera and remembering how some couples would put them on tables at weddings to capture all the memories from their special days…a spark turned into an idea, turned into My Party Album.

Nobody can be everywhere at once, and missing out on fun stuff sucks! Grant and Laura got excited about solving some real pain points from their own wedding, to make sure nobody missed out on the fun ever again!

Once the app started taking shape the possibilities seemed endless. There are so many fun ways to use My Party Album! Grant and Laura are excited to see where this will go and hear all about when, where, and how our users have saved more memories.

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